The versatility of Micro-50 is nearly endless. Harnessing the power of mother nature allows the microbes to eat away at a variety of dirt, grime, and grease.

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3 Sizes to Choose

Micro 50 is Available in 3 Convenient Sizes: quart, gallon jugs, or gallon pails. It may be purchased as single container or case pack quantities. Quarts are $29.99 each, Gallon…

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Micro 50 is an effective, environmentally safe and fast way to clean oil, grease and fuel spills and stains on most surfaces including soil, asphalt, concrete, water, machinery, metal parts…

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We specialize in environmental friendly chemical products. Harnessing the power of mother nature allows us to provide effective solutions to everyday problems for both consumers and businesses while simultaneously keeping the world around us unharmed.

Our Current Products
Micro 50
A microbe based cleaning product that not only cleans hydrocarbon based pollution, it removes it completely from the environment by ingesting it and converting it to Water, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. "Micro-50TM is EcoLogoTM Certified to Bio-Based Cleaning and Degreasing Compound CCD-110." Click here to read more.

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